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Beckett Street Bathroom Renovations

Well hi! It’s been awhile, ya know? I think some of you have been keeping up with the Miksch’s on social media following our home remodeling projects. Recently I thought it would be fun to have a simple, clean layout to document these projects. I really enjoy writing blog posts and it seems like some of you enjoy looking at my projects so a new blog template was in order. Speaking of blog templates, a HUGE shoutout to our dear friend Darin for helping me set this thing up! I’m not really close friends with technology, more like acquaintances, so if we’re ever in the same room together I need a wing man to help me through the conversation. Darin was my fantastic tech wing man so if you need some help with your blog, he’s your guy.

So do you remember when I posted about our bathroom quote that we received? Let me give you a brief summary of that evening. First of all, our bathroom is the only bathroom in the house and it’s really small…50 square feet small. The dude was already trying to tee us up for a large quote by saying how hard it would be to do this and he completely lost me when he told us white subway tile was a luxury upgrade.

Are you….no…get out.

Ok, I didn’t exactly tell him get out but are you kidding me right now? White subway tile? One of the most popular, inexpensive products sold everywhere, not a custom upgrade mister. So now I’m just entertained by his fear mongering, that’s going to cost you extra and let me get me special samples from the truck. Dustin and I had a silent pep talk in the kitchen when we both simultaneously had to “get water” aka your vibes are about to explode, we need to talk. I gave him the, “are you serious? this guy is a joke” look and he gave me the “be nice, this is his way of making a living” eyes. Ok, so after our time out we went back in with fake smiles until he finally dropped the bomb on us. So, how much is this going to cost us?

Salesman: Well….if you do this, and that and if you want this then…it’s going to be…(punches calculator)…$28,000.
Dustin: Wait, what? $28,000?? You need to break down each line item for me.
Salesman: Well IF you decide to buy this bathroom remodel from us today we will give you 20% off

Oh well in that case, still no.

We asked our brother-in-law to help us out even though he already works a full time job. David is very kind and conveniently works for a homebuilder so he was able to GC our bathroom on the weekends and after work. Dustin, David and my dad worked tirelessly on the demo and installations. All in all the remodel took about a month ish. Amazing! The beautiful after pictures were also from the help of a friend, Emily Rebar. She has an awesome new website, check it out!

So without further ado, here is the pretty place where we wash our bodies and go to the bathroom!






Sources: Mirrors // Industrial Lights // Subway Tile // Moroccan Tile // Wire Shelf // Floor Tile

Paint Colors:

Wall – Abalone, Benjamin Moore

Wood Accent Wall – Relic, Americana Decor Chalk Paint

Vanity – Simply White, Benjamin Moore