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Austin Home Remodel Part 3 – Upstairs

This is the last part of our flip series and it includes the master bedroom, master bath and upstairs bathroom. There are two other bedrooms upstairs but we didn’t stage them and it’s just a gray room with new windows and new baseboards, you get the picture, right?

/ / / / MASTER BEDROOM / / / /

This master bedroom is HUGE! I thought our room was large at our house but this one was almost twice the size of ours. I loved the windows on both sides of the door and the natural light that came in from that part of the room. We love our wood wall so much in our own home that I decided to do the same thing in the master to make a statement.IMG_1524






/ / / / MASTER BATHROOM / / / /

The changes we made to the master bathroom were pretty significant! Mostly all cosmetic and very minor but all the small changes added up to a huge makeover. I did a back to back comparison with the before and after of the entrance to the bathroom, you can hardly recognize that “after” shot. In my opinion it doesn’t even look like the same house! We decided to close off the entire bathroom so there was complete privacy to you know, use the bathroom. The fur down and the half ledge design made it feel like it was still the original house so we wanted to change up the design a little to freshen it up. Another minor change that made a big impact was the doorway to the toilet / shower. We extended it up and out to make a wider opening to make it feel more open. The other major change was the built in linen closet that was taking up most of the bathroom. The idea was to make it more open and airy which I feel like we accomplished well. We added in one more project to the master bath that took about a total of 5 days so I guess that wouldn’t be considered minor! We added shiplap to the entire bathroom to give it more texture as opposed to just painting the walls. The barn door finishes it off nicely and makes the whole project tie in the shiplap bathroom with the navy bedroom. We were really pleased with the outcome!

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meagan-house-145masterbathroom1 IMG_1101



/ / / / UPSTAIRS FULL BATH / / / /

Like I mentioned earlier, there are in fact two more bedrooms to this house but I didn’t post a picture because there’s not much to see! But this bathroom is the one that pairs with those two bedrooms just so you don’t think we flipped a 1 bedroom / 2.5 bath house. =)

This bathroom was dated and old so we installed a new vanity, mirror and light fixture to give it some life. A cool story about the vanity, it’s actually from IKEA. It doesn’t look like it though, right? Well that’s because we accidentally had to do an IKEA “hack.” For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s when you buy something from IKEA and change it to make it look like it’s not from IKEA. So what happened was, Dustin and I were assembling the vanity together because…IKEA…and we accidentally drilled a hole too far into the front panel. I didn’t want to have the vanity go to waste so I asked my dad to cut raw wood fronts and re-attach them to the drawer. I was able to stain them the same color as the stair rails and there you have it. It’s nice to have a handy dad that recreate something just from a picture!GetMedia (17)




DIY Remodels

Austin Home Remodel Part 2 – Downstairs

I must admit I think the kitchen and living room might be my two favorite areas of the house that we remodeled. It’s just crazy how dark and dated this area was before we came in and lightened it up!

/ / / / LIVING ROOM / / / /

We don’t have a fireplace in our own home so when I saw the fireplace in the house, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it…white wash! It’s free and so stinking easy, even for the non-DIY-er. I’m going to do another in depth post about who you exactly do this but let’s just say it’s free and takes about 2 hours. The impact it made in the home was subtle but really brought the room up to date. And those windows! I’m not even a huge natural light fan but I think this living room is convincing me that natural light is where it’s at. The other major change we made to the living room area were the stair railings. It was originally a tall wall that made the house feel a little more closed in so we took down the drywall to the stairs and added some new railings. Cool, huh? We have had so many compliments on these railings!

livingroombefore livingroombefore3 livingroombefore4

Living1 Living2 Living3 Living4

/ / / / KITCHEN / / / /

It’s amazing what new paint, new cabinets, new lights, new fixtures, new flooring & new hardware can do. ha! We completely transformed this area because we know how central kitchens can be in a home. Our counter tops and cabinets are from IKEA which we were so pleased with. I was nervous about the whole process since I had never done that before but I was very impressed with how seamless it was! IKEA’s kitchen systems are very sophisticated and can be customized exactly how you want them. There are secret drawers within drawers and all sorts of efficient storage options you can add. We decided to add high end hardware and crown molding to take away from the “IKEA feel” and it worked really well in the space. Needless to say, we will definitely be doing another IKEA kitchen!


Kitchen:Stairs Kitchen1 Kitchen2

/ / / / BREAKFAST NOOK / / / /

My husband is the one who gets all the credit for this corner of the house. He was pretty adamant about adding a window to the wall opposite of the kitchen (see below). I didn’t really know if it was going to add anything to the house but he really wanted to do it so I said sure! And wow it made such a huge difference!! It brightened up the corner of the kitchen and makes this space feels a lot more fresh and modern.




BreakfastTable BreakfastTable2

/ / / / HALF BATH / / / /

This bathroom was an easy fix since the vanity that was there when we bought it was in good shape. I painted the vanity and added new hardware to update it. I will definitely be buying another one of these mirrors. I found it at AtHome in Pflugerville for around $50 which was a great price for the impact it makes in the bathroom. That’s a complete tour of the downstairs, the upstairs will be my next post!